My Story.

Everyone has a story, here’s mine!

Mine began in the shadow of self harming during my teenage years. For 3-4 long years in my 20’s, I confined myself to bed feeling depressed. A psychotherapist and medication got me out of bed but the depression still lingered on.

My path to healing was not linear, marred by grief, the loss of a parent who had Alzheimer’s disease (also known as the long goodbye) and the heart wrenching experience of miscarriage. Postnatal depression caught me, not once but twice. Anxiety & stress became my constant companions, relentless forces that made even solitude a terrifying prospect. My body shook and tremored with the intensity of my fears. I can recall moments of desperation when I reached out to my sisters saying “I can’t do this anymore”. These words, heavy with despair, were met with the unwavering support of my loved ones reminding me that I was never truely alone. Amid the chaos of my emotions, I knew it was time to get help.

After a few therapy sessions and dedicated learning, I embarked on a mission: to study and share the transformative techniques that helped me overcome my struggles. Teaching became my purpose, driven by a deep compassion to help others navigate their own challenges.

I stand here today, free of the scars from my past with new found resilience. My story is not one of unending despair; it is a story of survival, of finding light in the bleakest of moments and emerging from the storm with a heart full of compassion. One of the most empowering things I have learnt is that I have the power to influence how these emotions affect me. Through breathwork, mindfulness & meditation (my new constant companions), I’ve cultivated a sense of inner peace that acts as a shield against the storms of life. I’ve honed the ability to bounce back and find the calm among the chaos - and this is what I want to teach you too. ????