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Minding You Wellbeing Walk (Voucher)
Let us help you enjoy natures beauty by refreshing your mind & clocking up a few leisurely steps with our Minding You Wellbeing Walk.  Its not a hike, run or race - just a leisurely stroll with plenty of stops along the way to practice & learn some relaxation techniques.  There will also be some fun & chats along the way too.  There are a few locations in Co.Waterford to choose from.

 Sand Art Experience with The Art Hand (Voucher)
This is a really unique experience.  Sean will share his genuine insight into the mindful process of Sand Art.  The Sand Art Experiences take place on Kilmurrin Cove in the heart of the Copper Coast in Co.Waterford.  You will be aware of the tide & your surroundings but you'll be immersed in the simple reward of raking the sand.  The photos and video that you will receive are something that you will treasure forever.  

 Surfing Lessons with Bunmahon Surf School (Voucher)
Located on the Copper Coast in Bunmahon, Co.Waterford.  Bunmahon Surf School runs lessons for groups & or private lessons, also board & wetsuit hire.  They provide a safe & relaxed introduction to the exhilarating sport of surfing.

   Nutrition & Health Coaching with Nude Nutrition (Voucher)
A 6 week plan that includes a full week food diary, an individualised plan, recipes & healthy snack ideas, hydration recommendations, exercise plans, a weekly phone/video call, sleep coaching & much more.

 Seaweed Foraging Events with The Sea Gardener (Voucher)
Marie, The Sea Gardener hosts guided walks on the shore showing a range of edible seaweeds, the ecology of the rocky shore.  Learn how to forage your own seaweed. Finish with a beach picnic based on seaweed dishes.

  Bike Hire with Waterford Greenway Bike Hire (Voucher)
Explore the scenic Waterford Greenway by bike.  Waterford Greenway Bike Hire are a premium bike hire company serving the whole of the beautiful Waterford Greenway. Operating from three key locations in Waterford, Kilmacthomas and Dungarvan we have a wide selection of bikes available for all your needs.

with Reflexology with Caroline (Voucher)
 Caroline is a qualified Reflexologist and also studied fertility Reflexology.  Based just off the Waterford Greenway in the courtyard of the iconic Workhouse in Kilmacthomas.  Sensitive trained hands will gently seek out congestion on the feet which reflect the corresponding areas of the body. Reflexology opens the energy pathways and allows the free flow of energy through the body which has a profound, almost magical healing effect.

 Coach House Coffee (Voucher)
Located at the Heart of the Waterford Greenway.  Sit in or takeaway breakfast or lunch.  Also offering tea, coffee & sweet treats to suit all tastes.  A treat for your soul.

  Crough Coffee (Voucher)
Located at the foothills of the Comeragh Mountains.  Have tea, coffee or something naught or nice. 

Steps Back Thru Time Guided Walk Tour Experience (Voucher)
Looking to be entertained for 2-3 hours while visiting Waterford County?  This time-traveling guided walking tour experience is located in the heart of the Waterford Greenway & is designed to stimulate all of your senses.  Your unique local tour guide will bring you on a journey of intrigue & mindfulness, sharing stories from the heart.

Voucher towards your stay at Comeragh Pods
A luxury glamping retreat nestled in the Comeragh Mountains in Co.Waterford. Relax & unwind in the Comeragh Spa which includes and outdoor Hot Tub & Panoramic Barrel Sauna with a beautiful view of the Comeragh Mountains. The Hot Pod 
An outdoor sauna based in Co.Waterford.  Locations are as follows: Clonea Lower Beach Car Park, Kilmurrin Cove, Dunmore East, Newtown Cove.  Regular sauna use has a wide range of benefits & you're sure to feel amazing after a stint in the Hot Pod while looking out over the sea.

The Blissful Breath Book 
The best book I have ever read and continue to use.  Harness the power of your breath to heal your body & mind.  These easy, accessible exercises can be practised almost anywhere & promise to improve your wellbeing; from increasing energy, strengthening the immune system & even enhancing creativity.
  Nibbed Cacao Block (200g)
Organic, single-origin pure cacao for chopping and melting to make an energising hot cacao drink. There are numerous benefits including energy boosting, aids sleep, healthy skin, aids digestion, helps period pain - a great drink for overall wellbeing.

   Nibbed Chocolate Bark 
Organic 75% Choloate Bark. 3 flavours to choose from;
* Mapled nibs, sea salt & activated hazlenuts
* Orange & maple with activated walnuts
* Peppermint chia crunch

Be Kind Incense
Be Kind luxury, hand rolled Incense is completely chemical free & is made from the purest ingredients harvested & rolled by hand in India to a temple grade standard for over 200 years. It smells amazing. Choose from:
* Lavender - The calming powers of Lavender are well known for lulling people into a peaceful slumber. Lavender was also used in Spanish and Portuguese churches to cleanse the space of negative energies.

* Rose - Rose is can lower stress levels and lower heart rate levels, the aroma of rose has been shown to have anti-depressant benefits as it is traditionally used to calm and uplift.

* Blue Lotus - The Blue Lotus flower is a psychoactive plant, also known as Blue Egyptian Lotus, Blue Water Lily or Sacred Blue Lily. Today the Blue Lotus flower has been used primarily as a sleep aid and anxiety reliever.

* Orange Blossom - Orange blossoms incense is a nice blend of resins, musk and florals, often used for wisdom and truth-seeking. Perfect for opening space and creating space for oneself in ceremony, ritual, meditation or yoga practice.

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